Jan SCHIPPER, son of Arie SCHIPPER and Sara Catharina PESANT , was born 1835 in Dordrecht. He married Lena BRAND 20 OCT 1869 in Dubbeldam. He died 1905. Lena BRAND, daughter of Geenis BRAND and Elisabeth KIEWIT , was born 1851 in Dubbeldam. She died 1935.

Children of Jan SCHIPPER and Lena BRAND are:

1. Catharina SCHIPPER, b. 1884 See Adriaan Jacobus VERCOUTEREN & Catharina SCHIPPER
2. Elisabeth SCHIPPER, b. 1876
3. Sara Catharina SCHIPPER, b. april 01, 1874 See Johannes VAN DER HOEVEN & Sara Catharina SCHIPPER

Notes for Jan SCHIPPER:

bulletName: Jan Schipper  
bulletBorn: 1835 Dordrecht 
bulletDied: 1905 

Notes for Lena BRAND:

bulletName: Lena Brand  
bulletBorn: 1851 Dubbeldam 
bulletDied: 1935 

Notes for Elisabeth SCHIPPER:

bulletName: Elisabeth Schipper  
bulletBorn: 1876 Dubbeldam 
bulletDied: 1922