Hendrik Pieter WOELMS, son of Martin Henrich WOELMS and Cornelia NIEMAN , was born april 14,1867 in Rotterdam. He married Catharina Maria PLUKKEL 11 OCT 1893 in Rotterdam. He died 18 OCT 1956 in Rotterdam. Catharina Maria PLUKKEL, daughter of Hendrikus Gerardus PLUKKEL and Maria Martina Elisabeth MEYER , was born 2 MAY 1868 in Rotterdam. She died september 13, 1923 in Rotterdam.

Children of Hendrik Pieter WOELMS and Catharina Maria PLUKKEL are:

1. Cornelia Maria WOELMS, b. juli 24, 1894 See Hendrik Willem VAN UITERT & Cornelia Maria WOELMS
2. Gijsbert Hendrik WOELMS, b. januari 27, 1902 See Gijsbert Hendrik WOELMS & Elisabeth Pieternella SCHOONMADE
3. Hendrika Gerardina WOELMS, b. december 06, 1899 See Eduardus Augustinus CEULEMANS & Hendrika Gerardina WOELMS
4. Hendrina Maria WOELMS, b. september 15, 1904 See Evert BROEKSMIT & Hendrina Maria WOELMS
5. Maria Martina WOELMS, b. januari 22, 1896
6. Marinus Martin WOELMS, b. april 15, 1907 See Marinus Martin WOELMS & Johanna BROEKSMIT
7. Martinus WOELMS
8. Serien WOELMS

Other Marriages for Hendrik Pieter WOELMS:

bullet See Hendrik Pieter WOELMS & Apolonia Hendrika VAN ES

Notes for Hendrik Pieter WOELMS:

bulletName: Hendrik Pieter Woelms  
bulletBorn: april 14, 1867 Rotterdam 
bulletDied: 18 OCT 1956 Rotterdam 
bulletOccupation: expediteur-bediende 


Notes for Catharina Maria PLUKKEL:

bulletName: Catharina Maria Plukkel  
bulletBorn: 2 MAY 1868 Rotterdam 
bulletDied: september 13, 1923 Rotterdam 
bulletOccupation: strijkster 

Notes for Maria Martina WOELMS:

bulletName: Maria Martina Woelms  
bulletBorn: januari 22, 1896 Rotterdam 
bulletDied: augustus 26, 1896 Rotterdam 

Notes for Martinus WOELMS:

bulletName: Martinus Woelms  
bulletBorn: Rotterdam 

Notes for Serien WOELMS:

bulletName: Serien Woelms  
bulletBorn: Rotterdam