Vincent VONK was born januari 26,1958. He married Corrine Adriane BLEECKE . Corrine Adriane BLEECKE, daughter of Hendrik BLEECKE and Johanna NUIS , was born 20 MAY 1962.

Children of Vincent VONK and Corrine Adriane BLEECKE are:

1. Jesse VONK, b. 3 MAR 1996
2. Nanne Roos VONK, b. september 24, 1991

Notes for Vincent VONK:

bulletName: Vincent Vonk  
bulletBorn: januari 26, 1958 

Notes for Corrine Adriane BLEECKE:

bulletName: Corrine Adriane Bleecke  
bulletBorn: 20 MAY 1962 

Notes for Jesse VONK:

bulletName: Jesse Vonk  
bulletBorn: 3 MAR 1996 

Notes for Nanne Roos VONK:

bulletName: Nanne Roos Vonk  
bulletBorn: september 24, 1991