Philip Walker WIELHOUWER, son of Peter William WIELHOUWER and Jane Walker ANDERSON , was born september 06,1968 in Hartford (USA). He married Kimberly Jo HARMON 1991 in Andover (USA). Kimberly Jo HARMON was born 23 OCT 1968 in Andover (USA). She died augustus 17, 1996 in Jackson Hole (USA).

Other Marriages for Philip Walker WIELHOUWER:

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Notes for Philip Walker WIELHOUWER:

bulletName: Philip Walker Wielhouwer  
bulletBorn: september 06, 1968 Hartford (USA) 

Notes for Kimberly Jo HARMON:

bulletName: Kimberly Jo Harmon  
bulletBorn: 23 OCT 1968 Andover (USA) 
bulletDied: augustus 17, 1996 Jackson Hole (USA)